What is the H20 Initiative?

The H2O initiative is a region-wide effort to reduce irrigation water use by 20% within the Mississippi Delta by the year 2020. Through collaboration and communication, a network of technical experts and farmers will reduce water used for irrigation.

The Delta Region of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri are a highly productive region for crops that is dependent on irrigation for successful crop growth. Through the H2O Initiative, growers can utilize more efficient irrigation practices resulting in:

  • Cost savings for growers through efficient irrigation
  • Water conservation to ensure there is ample water to irrigate crops for years to come.

If every irrigated acre in the Delta used Pipe Planner, farmers could save more than one trillion gallons of water per year.

The H2O Initiative is supported by a diverse group of stakeholders from agriculture, conservation, academia, government and the private sector. The H2O Initiative strives to reduce irrigation water usage through educational forums, information and tools such as Pipe Planner, MIRI/AWD, Soil Moisture Probes, Surge Valves and other practices.

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Aiming to keep Mississippi Delta growers informed about the latest findings by the Delta Sustainable Water Resources Task, a meeting was held in Clarksdale, Miss., on Sept. 26. The task force, according to Mississippi Farm Bureau, “was formed to develop and implement actions to sustain water resources for agriculture, fisheries, and wildlife in the Delta.”… Read more

Farmers attending the 20th Annual National Conservation Systems Cotton & Rice Conference here recently learned about the decline in ground water and its effects on crop irrigation now and in the future. Dr. Chris Henry, Associate Professor and Water management Engineer for the University of Arkansas, addressed the group and provided information for saving water… Read more

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