New intelligent irrigation system could help improve efficiencies

Smart Farm Systems launches farm-wide irrigation monitoring and control system. Farmers are being forced to wring every dollar out of their operations they can these days, including saving money they would otherwise spend on over-watering their corn, cotton and soybean crops.That’s where a new software entity, Smart Farm Systems, Inc., hopes to make inroads in an… Read more

Ben Noble Gets 2nd Helping As a Rice Ambassador

It’s no wonder Ben Noble jumped at a chance to work for Riceland Foods. Rice and land have shaped his life since infancy. And like the crops on his family’s farm, Noble has roots deep in the soil of Arkansas County. Raised in “the metropolis of Ethel,” a town near DeWitt so tiny it’s not… Read more

Adjust to the Weather, Manage Water Well

Several years ago I had a farmer in the rice verification program that was very successful growing upland crops, but felt he wanted to learn more about rice production. A few years later, his brother became a participant, and it was later told to me that the second brother asked the first what to expect… Read more

Saving water a vital part of rice profitability formula

DELTA FARM PRESS — Researchers are finding farmers can grow a “nice rice crop” using two acre fee of irrigation water. Rice prices have improved somewhat in recent weeks, but not enough to make rice farming truly profitable. That’s why more than 100 farmers traveled to Osceola, Ark., to attend the Mississippi County Water Management… Read more

Managing Furrow-Irrigated Rice in Arkansas

Furrow-irrigated rice, also known as row rice or upland rice, has recently become an increasingly interesting option to simplify crop rotations in the Mid-South. Since rice is a semi-aquatic plant, upland (non-flooded) production research efforts are limited. Contained in this information sheet are general recommendations to follow if attempting to grow upland rice using furrow… Read more

Leadership Change at Arkansas Rice Federation

LITTLE ROCK, AR – The Arkansas Rice Federation Board announced today that Lauren Waldrip Ward has been selected as the new Executive Director. Originally from Moro, Arkansas, Ward was raised on a rice, soybean, and corn farm and is the fifth-generation descendant of a Delta farm family. Ward has staffed the Federation since March 2015,… Read more

8 Water Technology Startups Helping Agriculture Grow Up

Some days it seems like the world is going to end in a sudden fireball. Other times we predict a slow, painful death. It’s little wonder we writers drink so heavily writing about all of this turmoil day after day. That’s why we like our jobs here at Nanalyze. It’s not that we think technology… Read more

Can I roll the Poly Pipe up on my corn?

Mississippi has generally been blessed with plentiful rainfall and favorable corn growing conditions until this point. In fact, many growers have not even turned on a well. However, summer-time conditions are now prompting some to make difficult irrigation decisions as their corn approaches physiological maturity. As the corn crop nears maturity, knowing when you can… Read more

Delta Plastics Reminds Growers That Free Flowmeters Are Available

Lower Mississippi Valley — Flowmeters on loan — Delta Plastics reminds growers that portable flowmeters are available at several locations throughout the Delta. These portable flowmeters are available free of charge. Some are available for checkout and some come with professional assistance. “The biggest bottle neck for completing Pipe Planner plans and saving water, is… Read more

Delta Farm Press Touts Flowmeter as Primary Irrigation Management Tool

As Delta Plastics announced to growers this week that portable flowmeters are available on loan at several locations throughout the Delta free of charge, Delta FarmPress published an article touting flowmeters as a primary tool for irrigation water management. The DFP article describes how a flowmeter can help to properly plan and evaluate irrigation in… Read more