Conservation: Rice Stewardship
Working together to conserve rice lands, water, and wildlife
By Josh Hankins and Scott Manley, Ph.D.

Rice is a vital crop both for people and for waterfowl. In fact, rice is the most important grain in regard to human nutrition, providing more than one-fifth of the calories consumed by people worldwide. Likewise, rice is one of the most important food resources for waterfowl in our highest-priority waterfowl wintering areas: the Central Valley of California, the Gulf Coast, and the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Read article

GREENHEAD — The Arkansas Duck Hunting Magazine

Rice Farmers, Waterfowl Hunters Partner to Conserve Wetlands
by Todd Traub

Usually, when a business is said to be underwater, it’s not a good thing. In the intertwined duck hunting and rice growing industries of Arkansas, however, it’s all about the water. Every single drop. Arkansas makes up 50 percent of the United States’ rice production, contributing close to $1.3 million and 200,000 jobs annually, with a $6 billion impact on the state’s economy. In 2016, U.S. rice exports totalled $1.9 billion and provided 10.4 percent of the world’s total rice exports, placing it behind only India and Thailand. Read article


2017 Rice Stewardship Annual Report

“Delta Plastics is proud to partner with DU and USA Rice to help the Rice Stewardship Partnership deliver their on-the-ground efforts,” said Director of Irrigation Resources Matt Lindsey. “Our support of the Partnership is a direct result of the H2O Initiative, an effort in the lower Mississippi River Delta region to reduce water usage for irrigation.” Page 3 Read feature