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Row rice acreage more than doubles in 2018, experts report

STUTTGART – In parts of Arkansas, the signature sweeping curves of rice field levees are being replaced by straight rows, a change that can provide significant cost savings for growers. Most of the rice in Arkansas is grown in controlled floods. The curved levees follow the field contours enabling growers to maintain water levels and… Read more

Corn Growing and Soil Moisture Sensors

It is a gorgeous Sunday morning here in Arkansas! We have had a very hot and humid week and a storm blew through last night with cooler temperatures and a nice north wind blowing. Not great for getting herbicide treatments out that are falling farther and farther behind due to wet weather and wind but… Read more

Are you experiencing water stress?

This crop season started fairly hot and dry, with some farmers initiating irrigation as early as late April. I had anticipated the need to irrigate earlier than the past few years based on our less-than-adequate winter rains. However, it is still important to know if the plant stress can be attributed to lack of soil… Read more

Declining Delta aquifer: Getting ahead of the problem

“We’re keeping a high priority on efficient water use, with a goal of basing decisions on sound science  . . .  Plentiful water, just a few feet down, has been taken for granted for many years in the Delta. But the fact is that we have been seeing a downward, unsustainable trend in the aquifer… Read more


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