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Ben Noble Gets 2nd Helping As a Rice Ambassador

It’s no wonder Ben Noble jumped at a chance to work for Riceland Foods. Rice and land have shaped his life since infancy. And like the crops on his family’s farm, Noble has roots deep in the soil of Arkansas County. Raised in “the metropolis of Ethel,” a town near DeWitt so tiny it’s not… Read more

Adjust to the Weather, Manage Water Well

Several years ago I had a farmer in the rice verification program that was very successful growing upland crops, but felt he wanted to learn more about rice production. A few years later, his brother became a participant, and it was later told to me that the second brother asked the first what to expect… Read more

Saving water a vital part of rice profitability formula

DELTA FARM PRESS — Researchers are finding farmers can grow a “nice rice crop” using two acre fee of irrigation water. Rice prices have improved somewhat in recent weeks, but not enough to make rice farming truly profitable. That’s why more than 100 farmers traveled to Osceola, Ark., to attend the Mississippi County Water Management… Read more

Managing Furrow-Irrigated Rice in Arkansas

Furrow-irrigated rice, also known as row rice or upland rice, has recently become an increasingly interesting option to simplify crop rotations in the Mid-South. Since rice is a semi-aquatic plant, upland (non-flooded) production research efforts are limited. Contained in this information sheet are general recommendations to follow if attempting to grow upland rice using furrow… Read more


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