Row rice acreage more than doubles in 2018, experts report

STUTTGART – In parts of Arkansas, the signature sweeping curves of rice field levees are being replaced by straight rows, a change that can provide significant cost savings for growers. Most of the rice in Arkansas is grown in controlled floods. The curved levees follow the field contours enabling growers to maintain water levels and… Read more

Changing hearts and minds for better water management

“We thought we were doing as well as we possibly could do with our water management, but research has shown us we can do better.” Showing producers firsthand that research aimed at using less water from the Delta alluvial aquifer is sound — and can save money and reduce pollution — has “helped change hearts and… Read more

Conserve Irrigation Water During Summer Months

As temperatures rise and rainfall declines over the hot summer months, it is important to use our water resources efficiently. Luckily, there are technologies and innovative strategies that farmers can employ to make every drop of water count. In the Mississippi Delta, many farmers have turned to the Mississippi State University Extension Service Row-Crop Irrigation… Read more