In 2014, the Irrigation Team added surge valves to our list of tools to increase irrigation application efficiency.  When using a surge valve, water is applied in a series of on-off cycles alternating between two irrigation sets.  By utilizing surge valves Producers can expect reduced surface runoff, reduced deep percolation loss, and application inefficiencies 25% great than conventional irrigation techniques.  In sealing silt loam soils improved infiltration rates have been documented.  Understanding the correct operation procedure and purchasing the correct surge valve  is imperative to the success of deploying a surge valve.

Deciding on the correct surge valve to purchase is the first step in utilizing a surge valve.  Before purchasing a surge valve, here are some considerations.  Producers need to be aware of the limitations and capacity restraints of surge valves.  Producers will need to select the proper valve based on the output of the well or riser.  Based on the chart to the right, a 6″ surge valve has a capacity  from 0 to  approximately 700 GPM while the much larger 12″ will handle well capacities up to 2600 GPM. Link to Complete Article